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  • Dr. Carla Kozak, ND

Spring cleaning starts on the inside

Join us for a comprehensive 3 week medically supervised cleanse, individually tailored to your specific needs, health status and level of commitment. Diet plan and recommendations for at-home treatments, combined with nutritional and botanical supplementation that support cellular and organ detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body. This program will detoxify, repair and regenerate your cells and bring you to a new level of health and wellbeing. Why we need to detoxify • Our environment has become increasingly more polluted resulted in a toxic body burden that overwhelms the body’s natural detoxification processes. We are exposed to toxic substances from food, water, cleaning products, cosmetic products, plastics, cookware, and even the air we breathe, not to mention alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. A heavy toxic burden contributes to many adverse health effects. Even newborn babies are born with hundreds of toxic chemicals in their body passed to them from the mothers. • Toxic exposure is unavoidable in the modern day life. This is why it is essential to do a yearly cleanse. Our liver bears the greatest burden for the detoxification of foreign substances as well as substances created by our bodies (eg. hormones, cholesterol). The average adult’s diet is high in inflammatory fats, sugars, caffeine, pesticide, artificial colours and preservatives, as well as inflammatory and allergic foods. Eliminating these foods from the diet stimulates the body to release stored toxins from the body’s cells. If the liver becomes overwhelmed by this toxic wave, the toxins get re-deposited into other areas of the body. That is why it is essential to have a comprehensive plan that supports healthy detoxification in the liver. • Following our detoxification program ensures that you detoxify at the cellular and organ level as well as ensuring these toxins are successfully eliminated from the body. Benefits for medically supervised cleanse - Lose weight - Improve mood and wellbeing - Improve digestive function by healing your digestive tract - Improve many health concerns including: hormonal imbalances, acne and eczema, indigestion, joint inflammation, fatigue, chronic colds and poor immune function, brain fogginess, headaches - The cleansing program can be altered to target your specific health concerns. - Continued medical support through-out the cleanse to ensure healthy and complete detoxification The Detoxification Plan 3 week detoxification cleanse with options that will suit all levels of health and options to increase intensity of cleanse depending on motivation and commitment. Diet changes- Eat hypo-allergenic diet free from contaminants and allergenic foods. This includes eliminate common allergens, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, preservatives, MSG, etc. MediClear- medical food with hypo-allergenic protein, vitamin, minerals and botanical herbs to ensure sufficient intake of nutrients during diet restriction as well enhancing detoxification by the organs Instructions on how to enhance lymphatic and blood flow to enhance toxin removal from the area surrounding the cells Appropriate hydration to enhance elimination of toxins from the cells and clearing the kidneys Exercise and Infra red saunas- enhanced release of toxins stored in the fat cells. Toxins are excreted by the liver as well as through the skin, therefor taking some of the burden off the liver. Option for intravenous support: vitamin and minerals to boost energy and ensure healthy liver detoxification function

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