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  • Dr. Carla Kozak, ND

What is neural therapy

Neural therapy (NT) is a therapeutic injection technique used to treat chronic pain and illness. NT originated in Germany in the 1940s and has since been widely used. The treatment involves the injection of procaine (an anesthetic) and homeopathics into nerve sites, acupuncture and trigger points, glands and scars, which normalizes the function of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). NT has its basis in the theory that trauma causes a chronic disturbance, or interference field, in the electrochemical function of the tissues. This disturbance creates a dysfunction of the ANS which triggers the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), causing an adrenaline or ‘fight or flight’ response. Because the ANS affects pain perception and blood circulation to the organs, by clearing these interference fields the ANS is allowed to ‘rebalance’ and the function of organs, glands and body tissues improves. NT stops dysfunctional stimulus from the interference field. Neural Therapy and chronic pain Medical research into chronic pain management implicates the ANS as the primary cause of pain. By clearing the ANS dysfunction, NT can alleviate pain. Indications for the use of Neural Therapy •Headaches (including migraines) •Allergies •Scars •Pain - post-surgical, menstrual, chronic, joint and musculo-skeletal (including neck, back, etc.) •Injuries – athletic, post-traumatic •Pelvic floor conditions •Confusion •Vertigo •Hay fever, sinusitis, tonsillitis •Asthma •Chronic fatigue •Organ dysfunction, including liver, gallbladder, etc. •Chronic infections •Gynecological conditions, including pain and irregularity •Skin conditions, including eczema •Rheumatoid arthritis; Lupus •and many other chronic, degenerative conditions Summary Each part of us is connected to another part through the SNS and so an illness in one aspect of the organism affects the ability of the organism as a whole to regulate itself in a balanced way. An organ or tissue (heart, gallbladder, eye, joint etc.) becomes diseased not in isolation but in relation to the whole. Removing the interference fields allows the body to return to balance. References: Contact: To make an appointment for a consult on this or other therapies, please contact: Dr. Carla Kozak Naturopathic Physician 213 Victoria Street, Nelson, B.C. (250) 352-1991

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