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Nutritional Counselling

Diet suggestions to enhance health and treat disease. Make your food your medicine.

Special interest in Allergy Elimination, Blood-type specific diets, anti-inflammatory diets and Weight loss programs

Stones Massage

Massage Therapy

Utilizing various massage techniques to reduce pain, increase relaxation, and enhance physiological balance. Options include: deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation, hot stone, and prenatal massages.

 Injections and IVs

Intravenous Vitamin/ Minerals: Useful for a wide range of conditions including: Integrative Cancer therapy, Immune support, chronic fatigue, malabsorption, and debility.


Intravenous Chelation: Eliminates lead, mercury, and other toxic metals from the body. Beneficial in many health conditions including: cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome 

Ozone Therapy: an oxidative therapy useful for infections and immune related conditions

Neural Therapy: injection therapy highly beneficial for chronic pain, scars, trigger points.


Acupuncture: promotes the flow of energy, or 'Qi', through the body using fine needles.

Botanical Medicine: combining both Western and Traditional Oriental herbal knowledge to tonify and harmonize organ systems in the body.

Homeopathy: works with the body's vital force to gently balance the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Testing and Assessment

Electro-dermal screening is safe and painless, using acupuncture points located on the hands.


*     Heavy Metal Testing: urine provocation

*     Blood Type, Genotype, and Secretor Testing

*     Salivary and Urine Hormone Testing

*     General Blood testing through Life labs

*     Comprehensive genetic analysis- Opus 23

*     Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis  

*     Microbiome Testing

*     Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth testing

*     Comprehensive Hormone Insights

*     Organic Acids Testing

*     Mycotox Test

Other Therapies

Prescriptive authority: utilizing various pharmaceutical drugs if necessary, including bioidentical hormones.

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